Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Year Older

Another year older, I'm not feeling any stronger,
bones creak, eyes weak,
neck in pain, shoulders strained,
tummy bulging, chin doubling.
Yes, another year older, and it's a reminder.


Had a lovely time with my family on my birthday. My better half went all out to make sure that yours truly was pampered in everyway he knew how. He treated me to a nice meal at chilli's, the kids tagged along and they had the most fun, and prepared to buy me anything that I wanted. The thing is, I couldn't find anything that pleased these blurry eyes. I had initially wanted a pair of shoes, don't have many of those, believe it or not I only own two pairs, but I couldn't find the type that I liked in Suria KLCC. So, went to Tower Records and asked him to pay for Corinne Bailey Rae's CD. And that's my Birthday present, apart from the Maybeline lipsticks and some throw cussions and the tempered glass cutting board. Love everything that I made him buy, I don't to do this on any normal day,......only on my Birthday.

My Birthday Jig

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Siti Salina said...

Wiz dearie,

Happy birthday to a great pal! May Allah bless your beautiful soul and grant all your secret wishes!
I definitely know one of them.

Knowing his wife is a great cake maker, i guess Azam won't dare to buy you a birthday cake or you guys simply have enough of cakes. Love to see the pictures. I could see the love and efforts he put into your birthday.

Happy Birthday to a wiser friend


Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

He is so you, Wiz! So cute to watch him dancing! So unlike him when he was small! He was very shy if my memory serves me right back then! You need to enroll him in a dance class! Great that you videotaped his early performance! A memorable scene when he grows up in the future!


Wiz said...

He is quite a performer in the house. You havent seen him breakdance. There was one time that he simply went up on the stage at a shopping mall and just danced to the background music. Everybody was cheering for him. I had to pull him down! ha ha ha. He loves all types of music and currently he is singing to Corinne's. Our favaurite line right now is "...sapphire, faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams...", and that's our parting verse before I drop him off to school. He would be teary and all but the song helps to cheer him up. Well, most of the time.