Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Luxury is...

Remembering the times when TIME seemed like eternity, doing things in my own pace freely. Now, having two kids in tow, three, if my husband is included, I just couldn't find the time for myself anymore. It's always,"... mama have you cooked? mama where's my book? Mama, adik, spilled the rice, mama kakak is not nice! Mama, I want to play outside, mama, please buy me a new kite! Haa, haa, tak tau, kakak dah kotorkan baju." It makes you run here and there, but never seemed to arrive anywhere. There are so many things I want to do for myself which I have considered them a luxury now. So, here's what I have been missing most....

Luxury is...

having an alone time to do a complete facial,
treating my hair and making myself feel special,

munching on cookies, having them all on my own
watching tv and slipping into my comfort zone,

rewarding myself with a rich creamy cupcake,
and washing it down with a chocolate milk shake,

dozing off in the evening with a book on my face,
waking up again, in my own time and space,

going out on a drive listening to music of my choice,
singing out loud, just to listen to my voice,

choosing the place that I really want to go,
and lingering around for an hour or so,

climbing up the steps to see where it leads to,
reaching the top, and enjoying the view...

Apart from what I have been missing,
I feel extremely lucky,
coz to some people, what I have now is truly a Luxury!
I have all the time to see my children grow,
watching their funny antiques, listening to their woes,
playing with them to their hearts content,
dusting off their pants from the dirt and the sand,
telling them the many silly stories of my childhood,
and making sure that they truly understood,
why Mama screams and why she gets angry,
it's part and parcel of raising a family.

After writing this, I came to a conclusion,
what I have been missing is just an illusion,
Luxury is what Allah has set upon us,
and it lies in these heart warming faces.


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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

Time is definitely a luxury for a mother and for me who is a student struggling to finish my coursework! It's not a guilt if a woman longs to be pampered in a spa which i feel that every wife and mother in this whole wide world rightly deserve! If i can return to Malaysia by April, i know then what to get for your birthday! Would be nice at the moment to have someone massaging my back after spending so much time in front of the PC! reading your blog is also a therapy for me in between doing my assignments!

keep on writing wiz!

Wiz said...

I know you would be thrilled looking at the lake garden picture. It's a trip never missed whenever we visit my grandma in Tepen.

Salina said...

Wiz dearie,

What a coincidence! Your opah is also staying in Taiping (or Tepen -you affectionately called it). Love the small heritage city where i grew up. Laidback so unlike KL. I had wonderful childhood growing up with my neighbours' kids who are blind to the colours of our multiracial skin. Most of my Chinese uncles, aunties, poh pohs and indians amahs and achies are all dead now but the friendship of the third generation still remains.
I consider them as my relatives and my non-malay neighbours practically look after my Tok with my brother. Every day, my aiee will go to the market and buy vegetables for my grandma and help her to do whatever housechores that my grandma needs. That's why wherever i go i never stick to the malays only. I don't judge people by their race or religion. When i was busy helping out with Visit Malaysia Night in Leeds recently, i got the chance to meet a nice Jewish guy who lent me his dummies to be used for our exhibition. I remember that i had to walk 4 hours non-stop from shop to shop and department stores asking them if i could rent the dummies and failed to do so until i chanced upon a lingerie shop at the Leeds market. There in the shop was this man with the most greyish eyes i've ever seen and very fashionable too. At first i was a bit reluctant to ask him. Well, this "demon" in me said that he might be a pervert -why should a man owns a lingerie shop but thank god "the angel" in me advised me not to be judgemental. Alhamdulillah, I trusted my instict and he loaned the dummies for free and even sent me back to the city in his car. I could recall until today when i questioned him " are you sure you do not want any deposit??" and he looked at me with his smiling grey eyes and said " I trust you". The dummy for your info costs around 150 pound per unit. He did not even take my address and phone number and I truly didnt' know what made him trust me so much!
After more than 6 months in the uK, I have loads of international friends who are truly nice and sincere. The world is still a nice place to live with the existence of these people.