Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Cards made by my children. Can you really tell that they both dislike colouring and drawing?

What makes a good mother? I am often bothered by this question.
Especially after feeling guilty of punishing my children.
Does a good mother only listen and never whack?
Does she reserve herself to only watch and never smack?
Does she only whisper and never shout?
Does she only believe and never doubt?

A good mother is all that is good and bad.
She is in for the happy times and also the sad,
She may be stern at the same time understanding.
She can be strict and yet compromising.
She is serious and silly all together.
She is full of tears and overflowing with laughter.
Am I a good mother? That is a question I will always ask.
Especially when I am bothered,
If I have carried well this god given task.

Happy Mother's Day!


2 treats:

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

You beautifully summed up the the challenges and concern of every mother on earth in the poem. Too bad your children do not inherit your appreciation of colours. Well, perhaps the "taste" for colours too can be developed and acquired just like our likings towards certain food. There you go another challenge for a creative mother! You have been a great mother my friend! I have always admired your parenting skills!


Wiz said...

It's abig challenge indeed. Making them colour is like torturing them. I dont want to force them to colour, I would just let him progress at his own pace. The good thing is, I dont have to worry about having crayon marks on my walls!