Monday, May 21, 2007

On Tow

Sunday 20th May, had a busy day squirting buttercream on trays of the jewel cakes. The colours on my hands varied from deep red, electric blue to purple. It indeed started off as quite a colourful day and with me forcing myself to rush, in order to make it to my nephew's birthday party in USJ and later to another cousin's house(my kakyong) to fetch some miracle water for my boy(long story). By midday, all cakes were packed for deliveries, children ready, husband hungry, yours truly weary, and off we went to our destinations. Humming along to my new CD, my kids were singing their hearts out to Corinne's "Put your records on" song over and over again, it looked to be yet another perfect Sunday!

Arrived at the birthday party with empty tummies and to our surprise there were Satays, yey! My better half had probably 20 sticks in one breath! The rest of us had rice and some kuehs. Played at the park in front of the house with balloons from the party, played chase with my kids to loosen up my tight jeans and after receiving some packed leftover party food*Thanks Kak Num* off we went to Kakyongs place for the miracle water. It's always nice to see kakyong and my nephews and nieces, stayed awhile to catch up on things with a bowl of her famous laksa downed, we were off again back to our house in Long River.

The children had a wonderful time meeting their cousins and they were singing to Corrine's lovely tunes again on our journey back. Due to their loud voices we couldn't hear another similar sound coming from the car. Only when they were asked to quiet down to respect the call for maghrib, the sound became more and more prominent. My husband was angry at my girl thinking that she was still singing,evidently she wasn't. Alhamdulillah we were approaching Grand Saga's Rest area and halted there. It was another hour of waiting before the tow truck arrived and towed our car back to the house. All of us had to cram in front of the tow truck with the driver going at probably 40km per hour speed. It was bumpy, sweaty, unpleasant ride, but you know what? the kids were still singing and actually enjoying the night's air as we all huddled tightly together.

Here are some pictures of our eventful night. The kids were asking"... can we go on the truck again? and I said,"... if you behaved, maybe." And you know the odds of that ever happening!

There goes our "yellow refrigerator on wheels" to the workshop.

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Salina said...

Wiz dearie,

I've never heard the name of the singer. Could you spare some time (i know being a domestic goddess takes up all your time) and inform me who is this singer and what is the genre of her music. She sounds interesting.I am deprived of good music here. The music that the youngsters over here listen to are real "crap".

I can't afford to buy a tv here. The licence alone is more than 100 pound. Anyway, my hubby has been downloading "his favourite movies" for me to watch and "his kind of music" for me to listen to. So you can imagine "how entertaining" it can be!


Wiz said...

Ask the record shop assistant for Corinne Bailey Rae's CD. My hub dislikes the easygoing tunes that she renders, but I simply love it. I noticed that her lyrics are words that I would normally choose to write. Songs entitled like
" Just like a star" (my fav song) Butterfly, Trouble Sleeping, Breathless ( my fav too) and many other simple catchy tunes. I think dia ni Jamaican but UK based kut. Go check it out.

zaaba said...

I realise this komen is 3 years LATE but i LOVE corrine bailey rae too!!! heard loads of it when we were in wales 2 years ago...

i really have to thank enya for pointing me in your direction :):):)