Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Easiest Cheesecake ever!

A cheesecake to me should be moist and dense with a thick crushed biscuit crust garnished with wet dripping fruit toppings on top.*wipe drool off face* I love the cheesecakes my kakyong makes but too lazy to whip up one for myself due to the tedious steps.*tedious steps to this amateur baker involve more 4!* A cheesecake can be such a fuss to make, there's this water bath technique, also there's the steam process, the normal convectional baking, all these would affect the turnout of your cheesecake, texture and taste wise. I always make the non baked ones as my children prefer this type, and it is easier too. But the recipe I am about to share with you is a simple baked cheesecake that you can easily vary with a dash of ganache for marble cheesecake or dallop of your favaurite fruit toppings. The one featured here is a marbled one made especially for my mum and she persistently requested to have a very very thick biscuit crust also she loves everything and anything chocolate.I found this recipe somewhere in the net quite sometime ago, but I cant remember where. So if this recipe belongs to you, do leave me a line so that I could give proper credits to. Here goes...

Easy Peasy Cheesecake

Crushed biscuit mix, any amount you desire.
Press mix into the bottom of your cake pan and bake for 5 minutes.

500gm cream cheese
3/4 cup of castor sugar,
2 large eggs,
1 teaspoon of vanilla or lemon,

1. Cream together cheese, sugar, eggs and essence till fluffy.
2. Bake til skewer comes out a lil bit sticky.
Done! See, it takes less than 4 steps!

When cooked, leave the oven door ajar and let it cool. Put it in the fridge before serving.

To make a marble cheesecake mix 5 Tablespoons ganache with probably 5 tablespoons of the cheese mixture and make swirls in the main cheese batter. The thing with me is I seldom measure the exact amount of the ingredients due to my laziness, but I think you can figure it out.
*Note to self : Measure, measure measure next time!

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

The cake is so unlike your previous cakes in your blogs in terms of the choice of colour but i bet it is a winner when it comes to taste! How old is your opah! Mine is reaching 90 soon and I pray with all my heart that i will still get the chance to see her next January. She is definitley one of the most intelligent ladies that i've ever met in my life. Though she didn't go to school, she was the one who introduced me to the alphabets and how to read. I didn't have the privilege to attend the kindergarten yet i'm a strong believer of early childhood education!


Bev said...

Dear Wiz

I am a friend of Salina's in Leeds and I have been really inspired by your recipes! It's my birthday today and i feel like I've had a wealth of extra birthday cakes here - I just love cheesecake so might well try this one out asap...