Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Crooked Box of Treasures

Happy Birthday Kak Lin! It's my cousin's birthday today and I had less than 24hours to come up with a presentable cake. I just got back from Ipoh the night before and was too tired to spark anything in the kitchen. When morning came, I was still contemplating, to do or not to do. I didn't have any orders for that day, and so I thought, and decided to go on with it whilst mumbling and chanting and praying hard, ya Allah please la jadi, over and over again. The cake was setting, the fondant was resting, all I had to do at that point was to drape the cake and mould it into what I had visioned in my not so reliable mind. Rolled up my short sleeves, and ta daa..
tak jadi. Let's do this again, ta daa... getting close. And the last taa daa had become tak dan! Noooooooo! the lid broke into two and was forced to redo. It turned out I didnt have enough dough for another lid. Hence, the disproportionate lid size! Despite all the challenges and the dugaans, I still managed to finish the cake, in time to catch the bit of sunlight left for the day to capture this picture before it was delivered to her house in PJ. Phew! To Kak Lin, I'm so sorry if this cake was not up to your expectations, but like they say it's the thought that counts.

*Note to self: Do not attempt a fondant cake if you have less than 24 waking hours.
A card or an sms would do.

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

I shall rename your cake as a box of delight. I bet your aunt was thrilled with the gift. By the way, this curiosity is bugging me -the big blue balls, what are they made of? You truly stretch your creativity every time you bake a cake, don't you? It seems that you are also a chemist in the making. Getting the right colours for the cakes that you made all these while requires a lot of experiments. I simply love the soothing blue colour of your cake. Well whatever flaws that you mentioned with the cake couldn't be seen by the untrained eye. Only you knew it! Well done Wiz!


Wiz said...

The shimmering blue ball is made of fondant and rolled with some glittery sugar. I had to consolidate the entire cake and needed something sturdy and hard. Fondant is the best answer as it hardens over time. Normally I would make the blue balls out of white chocolate truffles, but for this cake it would have been a mistake to do that as it would just crash. Thanks for all your comments. Love reading them.