Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cakes of The Day

A hantaran purple cupcakes

A birthday cake for Izanie's Abah

I only managed to do two cakes today in between my cookie baking. I am in the middle of experimenting with a few cookie recipes in search of that perfect chocolate chip cookies. The outcomes would be the story of my next few entries.

P.S. Izanie, You'll be bringing a bag of cookies home tommorrow!!

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mamazieza said...

Wiz... mama cukup suka dengan semua ur hasil tangan.. very beeuuutifulllll.... congratulations.. nanti senang2 boleh ajau mama ekkk..

Wiz said...

Tunggu wiz pakai topi chef dulula, now ni Wiz pun masih belajar lagi. But if u want to ask me any questions about anything, I would try my best to answer k, insyallah.
Thanks for dropping by, your highness the Queen! Long live the Queen!

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

The chocolate cake looks yummy and I just love the green and red balls adorning the cake- wonderful contrast. Are the balls made of fondant too just like the blue balls in your crooked treasure box cake? The lavender cup cakes look dainty and i like the idea of you wrapping the ribbon at the bottom of the cakes.

It gives "personality" to your cakes. Some simple technical question from one who has nil experience in cake making -is it difficult to make and decorate the cup cakes? i would like to try them in the future with you as my cooking instructor, of course.


Izanie said...

K Yang,

Thanks sooo much for making this cake for my dad - as usual he and the entire family were bowled over. Gosh! Even 1 slice of this butter cake with the divine chocolate frosting was enough to push us into a chocolate coma... thanks so much for making it!

Your most ardent fan,


PS - so sorry for making you work on Mother's day!

siti said...

Hi wiz, its me again, siti..i really need help at this moment..i have a problem of baking my cupcakes..every recipes that i baked when its cooked the cake will separated from the lid. I used the soufle cup same as yr cupcake cases..i baked it at 160c for 25 mins its cooked but the top is wet..and its still separated from the cases,if i bake another 5 mins more the top is nicely brown. I baked another batch at 175 its also the same even when i baked at 150 its still the same and now im frustrated coz i really need to bake for afriend. Please help if u can coz im really dont know what i have to do..Tq n salam.

Wiz said...

Hi Siti,
You know what I have exactly the same problem. Buttercake is the worst! So, what I do is, I would convince my clients to order chocolate cake. But there's this recipe that seldom create this problem, I want you to try it k.
125gm butter,
1 cup sugar,
1 egg,
2 tspn vanilla,
1 tspn baking powder,
1 3/4cp self raising flour,
3/4 cream or whipping cream.

The direction is like usual.
Hope it works for you. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away.

siti said...

Thanks alot whiz for yr help..semoga ALLAH membalas kebaikan anda..For my chocolate cake i use chef mom chocolate cake recipes and the problem also the same n for vanila i use magnolia bakery vanilla cupcake..n the problem is alway the same..InsyaALLAH hari ni siti will try the recipe given n i will feed back to you.