Sunday, May 6, 2007

Buttercream stays only a dream.

These are some of my jaggedy work of art. The not so smooth surface is what I am known for. *shrug*

Buttercream has never been on my fancy list. I have yet to concoct a smooth ice cream like tasting buttercream. Recipes can be found in abundance in my notebook, all tried and tested, but not one could pass the acid test of smooth, creamy, milky and light texture. Attempting to do a buttercream covered cake proves to be very daunting for me. Decorating is even more terrifying, and not to mention the cleaning up. I always prefer a buttercream with a white finish as it is easier to tint colours on it, especially when you are working with blue and red. The yellowish version has butter instead of vegetable shortening, definitely a winner in terms of taste, but it is not colour friendly as opposed to its white counterpart.

My preparation of the buttercream initially starts off with me holding my recipe book...spectacles on, book up and yes...500gm of marvello, 250gm of butter, a cup of sugar syrup and so on. But in actuality it goes like... alright a blob of marvello, a splat of butter, a.. oops, spilling cup of sugar, a splash of milk, and maybe some cream...why not include a lil bit of condensed milk. Hmmm not quite there, it needs many spoons of evaporated milk, quater cup of cornflour wouldnt hurt, and a trickle of essence, ha ha ha. It's a no brainer why my buttercream has always been a disaster. Forgive me. I have never been good at adhering religiously to any recipes. It's in the genes I think, my mum is not any better too, my sis? though she hates to admit it, we are one and the same in carrying out our baking assignments.*betcha she's rolling her eyes right now*

I have people like nina to keep me inspired. Her cakes are truly works of art, impeccable in every way. There are many people who I look up to like Kak Mis and many more. So if you have that perfect fool proof recipe or any available buttercream classes that you know of, do drop me a line. I'm in dire need of both. Till the next buttercream order, wish me luck.

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

I believe you will soon inspire a lot of people who love cooking especially if they find out that you self-taught yourself without attending any formal cooking classes. Keep trying and perfecting your skills and you owe me a huge butterfly cake when i return and i owe you a great baking book from the UK in return!

Former guinea pig of your many experiments

Wiz said...

Ha ha ha, yes you were my guinea pig! Now that you are gone, I have nobody to shove my food to. I'm designing that butterfly cake you requested as we speak, it looks more like a moth, though. Forgive me. Need to work on it.

Bev said...

Dear Wiz

Indeed amazing what you can do with a bag of flour! I will share my mum's recipe for Yorkshire Pudding with you as soon as I can hold of her - you might enjoy the results!

Bev (that friend of Salina's from Leeds again)

Wiz said...

Hi Bev,

I would love to try your mum's Yorkshire Pudding. I thank you in advance for sharing. Now, where did your mother go? You go find her in the kitchen, and I will try the backyard.*grin*