Monday, May 28, 2007

All that charms, at the Pasar Malam.

Of all the days of the week,
Sunday is always a treat,
to simply unwind and not cook,
lay on the hammock, read a book.
It's the evening that all await,
the time is between 6.30 to 8,
that's when the four of us would go,
to the pasar malam if you'd like to know.
Park the car nearest that we could,
not too far, we'll be going on foot.
Hand in hand, arm in arm,
Yey! Pasar Malam here we come.

Colourful balloons always greet us,
there are smiles on everybody's faces.

The Ice Blended Kiosk is the place to go first,
mango and soursop juice to quench our thirst.

Next we would run for the snacks,
keropok lekor and fishballs, nasi ayam come in packs,

Walking and munching are what we do,
inhaling the aroma and enjoying the view

of the food and trinkets that lined the sidewalk,
you can see them hanging, things come in bulk,

Branded T-Shirts, perfumes and also shoes,
come in all sizes, you just have to choose.

As dusk breaks in, you need not worry,
the generator will provide the electricity.
Brightly lit bulbs decorate the stalls,
feels as if you are at a carnival.

with food in the left hand, and fruits in the right,
Children smiling, mum happy, not cooking tonight.

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