Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's in a whiz?

Whiz, wheeze and wiz, they are one and the same to me. For a start I am known as 'wiz' as those are the middle letters of my full name, and 'wheeze' on the other hand is the sound of my breathing whenever I have my asthma attacks. 'Whiz', is for a fact that I normally do things in a hurry, like walking, driving, talking, eating and I admit that as my folly to which I am trying hard to improve every single day. But having growing kids and no help around the house, it does contribute to my hastiness.

This blog is all about what I can share regarding cooking, baking and getting through life with a kid who, like myself, has multiple allergies. It is also about sharing stories, jokes, anecdotes, nursery rhymes, dreams, wishes and perhaps sharing a tall glass of chocolate milk with that chewy gooey brownies that I often have stocked in my fridge, you know, in case some unexpected guests come over.;o)

See you around.

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salina said...

Dear Wiz,

I love the way you write - warm, humble and sincere. Many TESLIANS are trying so hard to impress people with bombastic words and literature style of writing that their writings appear so fake. The way one's write tells a lot about one's personality. Love your cakes as well. Keep on going be creative!

Wiz said...

Thanks Salina, appreciate all your positive comments. I think you are a good writer too!

siti said...

Hi wiz,
Me too, i sokong apa yg d coret kan oleh salina..first time singgah d sini, i feel welcome n felt yr sincerity. Keep up the good food coming n dont forget yr journal too.


Wiz said...

Hi Siti,

Thanks for your sweet comments. Do I know you? If I didn't recognize you, I'm sorry, maybe you can introduce yourself or your blog. Do drop by again, alright.

Emma Omar said...

Dear Kak Yang,

Even to the smallest and simplest things that you make other people smile.

Wiz said...

Now, I'm the one who's smiling. Thanks so much for dropping by.