Friday, April 20, 2007

Today is Friday!

Today marks the second day of my high protein diet. The first day was alright, I had an omelet for breakfast, tuna and mayo for lunch and beef patties for dinner. I didn't have to starve myself and I didn't even crave for anything sweet, which is very unlike me. But today after lunch I felt nauseated, and giddy. Went to the shop to look for some snacks, my eyes were running wild looking at all the chips and cookies and all sorts of junk food. But in the end I managed to curb my cravings and bought myself a pack of salted macadamia nuts instead. A pack of 40gm had only 1.6gm of carbo in them.I finished the whole pack in no time!

I decided to follow this high protein diet after discovering that I have type "o" blood. I read somewhere that those who fall under type "o" are most compatible with high protein food, the best would be from beef origin. It seems that type "o" is able to digest beef faster than any other blood type due to the high acid level in their digestive system. But I have always been the carbo kinda person,with rice, noodles, pasta, char keuy tiaw, laksa, curry mee, and fries as my staple food.*wipe drool off face* To make the sudden switch proves to be very challenging, I had to stop baking and experimenting with recipes. No more brownies, cupcakes, cookies, pies, well not until next week when I have to start baking again to fulfill customers' orders. Let see if I can keep myself away from all those carbo laden yummy food. Another strong reason to go on this diet is to avoid stuffing myself with junk food. I can stay away from rice, but not instant noodles, addicted to them. With this diet I have to abstain from all types of carbo good or bad, hence no more mee sedap, or maggie, or mammee, or mimi snek perisa udang orthat basketful of snacks from the kitchen cabinet.

Since I am on a high protein diet, I would like to share my beef patties recipe, the easiest ever, only requires a handful of ingredients, perfect for those lazy days.
This complements best with a plate of fries, a cup of coleslaw or whipped patato and a fizzy drink. But for me now, I would have to settle with just the patties.
Beef Patties

400gm of minced meat,
half cup of diced onions,
a teaspoon of crushed garlic,
a teaspoon of dried rosemary,
a teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper.

Mix everything together and form into balls, then flatten them. If you like you can even coat them with bread crumbs before frying.
I wished I had pictures, was too hungry to even think of reaching for the camera.

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