Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm baking again!

It has been too long since I last baked. I was on a protein diet and coincidently I didnt get any cake orders for the past 5 days. My oven had a good rest and so did I. The non baking time was spent preparing gumpaste flowers for my wedding and engagement fondant cake orders this coming May. I am apprehensive as we speak right now of how my cake would turn out. I get butterflies everytime I have to create a fondant cake, as it calls for impeccability. I have no formal training whatsoever, only books are my teachers and my new found friends cum mentor at RN. A great bunch of lively people there and I am glad my kakyong introduced me to them.

The two day protein diet did leave me some impacts. I now eat at a slower pace, and I have yet to tear open a pack of maggie for lunch or supper. I take small portion meals at a more regular time and I intend to stick to this pattern. Before, I would starve myself in the morning and would have a big portion of food for lunch...very very bad for your system. So, I am looking forward to a healthier lifestyle after this.

Speaking of healthy, I managed to put together a healthy raisin bread for brunch this morning. The original recipe is from mamazieza's fotopages called Roti Naik.*Thanks Mama for sharing* Since I had some raisins, I decided to throw some in and altered the recipe here and there.

Raisin Bread

300gm wholemeal flour
100gm superfine flour
110gm all purpose flour
40gm milk powder
11gm yeast
290gm water
140gm brown sugar
100gm margarine
3/4 cup raisins

Mix everything and knead. Place inside a loaf baking tin or you can form into balls and set aside an hour or til it doubles its size. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes. Dust with icing sugar.

While writing this, half of the loaf has been devoured my husband.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 3rd Day

Woke up this morning with a pounding head. Felt weak all over, my fingers were shaky and as I tried to stand up, the room was spinning around me. Allowed myself to rest my head for just a little while more, hoping the room would stop spinning. But to no avail, I was actually on a very fast merry-go-round! Made my way downstairs, and the first thing I did was breakfast, no, not hard boiled eggs or tuna and mayo or anymore of those beef patties, but peanut butter and jam sandwhich! The sensation after gobbling them was incomparable, I was high, bet it was the sugar was worth it, every single bite. I felt so much better after that. Well, I did try, but I think I will stick to my normal diet. Please excuse me now, I have to catch up on my baking, run out on brownies.*cheeky grin*

Friday, April 20, 2007

Today is Friday!

Today marks the second day of my high protein diet. The first day was alright, I had an omelet for breakfast, tuna and mayo for lunch and beef patties for dinner. I didn't have to starve myself and I didn't even crave for anything sweet, which is very unlike me. But today after lunch I felt nauseated, and giddy. Went to the shop to look for some snacks, my eyes were running wild looking at all the chips and cookies and all sorts of junk food. But in the end I managed to curb my cravings and bought myself a pack of salted macadamia nuts instead. A pack of 40gm had only 1.6gm of carbo in them.I finished the whole pack in no time!

I decided to follow this high protein diet after discovering that I have type "o" blood. I read somewhere that those who fall under type "o" are most compatible with high protein food, the best would be from beef origin. It seems that type "o" is able to digest beef faster than any other blood type due to the high acid level in their digestive system. But I have always been the carbo kinda person,with rice, noodles, pasta, char keuy tiaw, laksa, curry mee, and fries as my staple food.*wipe drool off face* To make the sudden switch proves to be very challenging, I had to stop baking and experimenting with recipes. No more brownies, cupcakes, cookies, pies, well not until next week when I have to start baking again to fulfill customers' orders. Let see if I can keep myself away from all those carbo laden yummy food. Another strong reason to go on this diet is to avoid stuffing myself with junk food. I can stay away from rice, but not instant noodles, addicted to them. With this diet I have to abstain from all types of carbo good or bad, hence no more mee sedap, or maggie, or mammee, or mimi snek perisa udang orthat basketful of snacks from the kitchen cabinet.

Since I am on a high protein diet, I would like to share my beef patties recipe, the easiest ever, only requires a handful of ingredients, perfect for those lazy days.
This complements best with a plate of fries, a cup of coleslaw or whipped patato and a fizzy drink. But for me now, I would have to settle with just the patties.
Beef Patties

400gm of minced meat,
half cup of diced onions,
a teaspoon of crushed garlic,
a teaspoon of dried rosemary,
a teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper.

Mix everything together and form into balls, then flatten them. If you like you can even coat them with bread crumbs before frying.
I wished I had pictures, was too hungry to even think of reaching for the camera.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's in a whiz?

Whiz, wheeze and wiz, they are one and the same to me. For a start I am known as 'wiz' as those are the middle letters of my full name, and 'wheeze' on the other hand is the sound of my breathing whenever I have my asthma attacks. 'Whiz', is for a fact that I normally do things in a hurry, like walking, driving, talking, eating and I admit that as my folly to which I am trying hard to improve every single day. But having growing kids and no help around the house, it does contribute to my hastiness.

This blog is all about what I can share regarding cooking, baking and getting through life with a kid who, like myself, has multiple allergies. It is also about sharing stories, jokes, anecdotes, nursery rhymes, dreams, wishes and perhaps sharing a tall glass of chocolate milk with that chewy gooey brownies that I often have stocked in my fridge, you know, in case some unexpected guests come over.;o)

See you around.